Google filed a lawsuit against the FAS in the Moscow Arbitration Court

The Moscow Arbitration Court has registered a statement of claim against Google’s Federal antimonomolnoy Service (FAS) of the Russian Federation. It follows from the filing of arbitration cases.

The application was registered on 29 August. The essence of the claim and the amount of claims has not yet been disclosed.

August 11 The FAS has appointed Google penalty for violation of the antitrust laws in the amount of 438.1 million rubles.
What Google has violated

Earlier, antimonopoly authority recognized Google - Google Inc. and Google Ireland Ltd. - Breach of the law on Protection of Competition (Part 1 Article 10) on the complaint of “Yandex”.

Violation is that for Google Play store on Android (which is owned by Google - Ed.). Application corporations should always be installed on the device and the priority placed on the ground. Also, the Google search engine to be used by default. The company limits the ability of the preset competing applications.

30 August 2016

Doctor through the court demanded that the “Yandex” of 1 million rubles for refusing to remove links on the “right to oblivion”

• "Yandekc" complained to the FAS on Google - too that dominates on Android »»»
"Yandex" has asked the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) to check if Google does not violate the antitrust laws of Russia, "Vedomosti" with reference to the "Yandex".
• FAS brought action against taxi drivers for the CEO of the Permian-promotion for "the best taxi »»»
Perm Administration Federal Antimonopoly Service initiated proceedings against the company “luck”, reported the Office on its website.
• "Yandex" has launched its first project with the "revolutionary Internet surveillance" »»»
The first project implemented “by Yandex” with “a revolutionary in the field of Internet surveillance” Face.
• Antimonopolschiki EU called Yandex in investigating Google Android »»»
The European Commission at least the summer of 2014 investigating the dependence of Android-application of technologies Google, reports gigaom.
• Manufacturer Fly phones came out of a partnership with "by Yandex" »»»
Since December 2015, new models of smartphones Fly on Android will not be pre-installed, no service "Yandex" at the request of Google, RBC reported the press service of "Yandex".