Doctor through the court demanded that the “Yandex” of 1 million rubles for refusing to remove links on the “right to oblivion”

“Sergey Makarov filed a lawsuit against the company” Yandex “In the lawsuit it requires recognize the illegal refusal to remove Internet links with his personal information: surname, name, patronymic, address of his company, pointing out that he is an individual entrepreneur.” - Mouser explained.

According to Makarov, the part of the data is outdated, and some information is private and can not be disclosed. The plaintiff appealed to the “Yandex”, demanding to remove these links, but the company refused to do so because he could not prove that this information is subject to the law on personal data.

“According to the plaintiff, the information inflicts damage both personally and professionally”, - he added the press-secretary of the court. Pre-trial preparation on the suit will be held on 31 May.

In “Yandex” said they had not received information on the lawsuit. “With regard to the procedure for consideration of applications of citizens to be removed from the search links to information about them, then it is implemented strictly in accordance with the current legislation”, - said a company representative.

Since 2016, Russia enacted a law on the “right to oblivion”, which allows users to request the removal of search results links to the information that they believe is inaccurate or irrelevant. The reliability and relevance of the information should determine the search engines themselves.

10 May 2016

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