News aggregators can disappear: in “Yandex” and Google has not approved the initiative of the State Duma

The company “Yandex” and Google commented on the initiative of the State Duma equated news aggregators like “Yandeks.Novosti” or Google News to the media. The corporations have not approved the initiative.

The press service of “Yandex” website of TV channel “Star” reported that the daily “Yandeks.Novosti” produces more than 100 thousand news reports from almost seven thousand sources.

“Y” Yandeks.Novosti “no editorial service automatically collects messages from partners and in the same form displays their headlines and fragments of full text news aggregator.” Yandex “does not publish - readers follow links to partner sites,” - said in company.

As explained in the press-service, so that their news aggregator is objectively limited by the ability to verify the legitimacy and validity of news information prepared by third parties, and can not be held responsible for such information.

“If the bill suggests to assign to the news aggregators media duties in full service” Yandeks.Novosti “in its current form can not exist”, - concluded the company.

The press service of Google site TV channel “Star” have said that Google News is also a fully automated service operating on the basis of the algorithm, without any editorial intervention.

“News list is formed only algorithms that take into account the cumulative media interest in a particular topic Aggregator provides only links to news, translating readers to related resources page.”, - Noted at Google.

The fact that the State Duma amended the law, which imply equating news aggregators to the media, the media reported the morning of February 25th.

Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation Alexei Volin said that the Office had not yet familiar with the document, but he refused to approve the initiative.

“We have not seen the bill, to us it is not officially done, and this idea we do not like”, - quotes its “Interfax”.

A spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, in comments RIA Novosti said that the bill requires elaboration.

“Unequivocal position there, there are different points of view, and a very well-reasoned. Simplifying this topic would be illogical. There is a view that in no way be equated with the media can not, there is a view that, on the contrary, it is reasonable. And she and the other quite soundly backed up by a whole set of documents, “- he said.

At the same time adviser to the President on the development of the Internet, German Klimenko deputies supported the initiative, as reported in an interview to “360 Moscow.”

25 February 2016

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