“Yandex” has launched a news automatically generated news

“Yandex” is preparing to launch its own information for tape media, where all the notes are automatically generated with the help of special algorithms based on monitoring and analysis. Write about this “Vedomosti” referring to the head of the project “Yandex for the media,” Maria Petrova.

Initially the news will be releasing notes on traffic, weather and events, which dramatically increases the interest of search engine users. In the future, the list can be extended.

As part of the news feeds will have access to TV schedules, radio - to a special interface with texts and newspapers, websites, and other media - to notifications. According to Petrov, the subscription will be free, the launch date of the project are not reported.

Currently, “Yandex” individually provides several editors such services - for example, “Interfax” receives traffic information and inserts it into his belt.

The Associated Press has published the news that are created by robots. As a rule, we are talking about the processing of financial statements of companies.

26 October 2015

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Every weekday media publish a network of at least 50 000 news in Russian language (according to “Yandex” for September 2010 - January 2011).
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