Yandex wants to stand in the line of Windows Search 10

The largest Russian Internet company Yandex is ready to negotiate with Microsoft to provide its search technology on Windows 10 in Russia and other markets, wanting to gradually reduce the business impact of ruble volatility.

This Summit Reuters in Moscow, said the head and co-founder Arkady Volozh.

Earlier in September, Microsoft announced that Chinese search engine will be the browser home page Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 by default in China.

“The fact that (the search engine Microsoft) Bing can be in Windows 10 is replaced by something that is a big deal, until this has never happened. We hope that such a precedent could be extended not only to Russia but also to other markets. For example, in Turkey, “- said Volozh.

“Microsoft is now merges desktop and mobile (platform) together. They will have a pretty decent proportion. If you take the sum of all the screens - 20-30 percent, meaning they player ecosystem.”

But Yandex also hopes to regain lost ground in the search market, and thanks to the decision of the Russian Anti-Monopoly Service, previously found Google violated the law on competition, which threatens global leader of Internet search and a fine of concessions in the market of mobile application store.

“We can see how much we’ve lost, we hope that at least we will return,” - said Volozh, whose company, founded in 1997, a year older than Google.

“The minimum solution that we expect - the prohibition to prohibit (preinstall Yandex services on devices running on OS Android). To us have opened the opportunity to work with vendors. We would like to restore the open competition.”

In two years, the share of Yandex in finding reduced from 62 to 57 percent, while the share of Google, which owns the world’s most popular operating system Android, has grown.


The devaluation of the ruble is not only slow down the growth of the ruble increased the company’s revenue and foreign exchange expenses, but also makes her look for other sources of income, lying outside the Russian currency area.

“If the economy suddenly happen any another collapse, and it’s completely beyond our control … I’m worried about here, what, what, with its primary” feed “our market base and the Russian ruble, as the Internet market in one country if suddenly something happens, we have to reduce people, and it’s scary, “- said Volozh.

“So we need to find the application, we need to find a business model, partners, orders, we need to learn how to market their unique skills in other markets, so as not to depend on one. Therefore, it is active, we are looking for different schemes, various other sources of income - and on the Internet, and the Internet is where else to apply our skills. ”

In his opinion, one of the outputs - to build a model of the second players in the different countries: “It’s a lot of different currencies, it means independence from the oil at least.”

“I do not want to depend on, that does not depend on you, we do not control the oil, we do not control politics, war, global economy, it is our

3 October 2015

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