The head of “Yandex” predicted the Russian IT-brands worldwide fame

CEO “Yandex” Arkady Volozh in traditional IT-breakfast at SPIEF said that his company is now set the task to become one of the world’s IT-brands, reports the Federal News Agency.
“Yandex” - is not only a national leader in the IT-market, but also successfully exported some of their technology.

According Volozh, Russia - a source of talent, the donor specialists to the world’s largest corporations. To make “expensive technologies,” such as search, maps, requires labor. Compared with international companies, Russian company approximately 10 downward.

The head of “Yandex”, said that in the current situation of sanctions limitations “in disguise.” It was decided to enter overseas markets.

As an example, an experiment led Volozh “Yandex”, which takes place in Turkey. Use our technology there the company began four years ago, during which time it was started about 20 services. According to him, in a year, “Yandex-map” and “Yandex-stoppers” such were the main applications in Turkey.

“If you are flying to Istanbul any taxi driver shows you” Yandex “on the smartphone,” - said Volozh.

Other services, according Volozh, had no success in Turkey. Because of this, the company concluded that the need to move away from the concept of a purely national service for access to international markets. And then he told Volozh, “was a small miracle” - a new market has come a new service, which is worse than the traditional service that exists on the market. In general, this has not happened, the head of “Yandex”.

20 June 2015

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