“Yandex” will help to buy goods in China

Electronic payment system became a partner of the project TradeEase, designed to promote cross-border trade between China and Russia.

The platform will enable Chinese stores selling at the border to sell their goods through the Internet. This means that the Russians, who earlier went shopping in China will now be able to do online orders with delivery. Payments will provide “Yandeks.Kassa.”

Owners of small and medium enterprises in China by placing goods on the site, and the processing and delivery of orders in Russia will TradeEase. Launch platform is scheduled for the summer.

25 March 2015

“Yandex” opens office in China
Yandex holds the Olympiad for Linux-based administrators with a large prize fund

• "Yandex" calculated the most active users of electronic money »»»
The company “Yandex” has published a large study of the market of electronic payments in the Russian Internet (PDF).
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Apple has checked into "Yandex.market" to sell the new model iPhone and iPad.
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The future of the Internet is predicted only for the next year or two - so the experts say.
• "Yandex" will promote Skype in Russia »»»
Rosiiysky manufacturer of networking and wireless solutions - the company TRENDnet and payment system “Shopping” announced the merger of its efforts in advancing the technology of voice communication for Skype in Russia and CIS countries.
• "Yandex" release debit cards »»»
Payment System “Yandex” has begun to give users free of bank cards MasterCard.