The number of online queries about saving on food and other expenses increased twice

“Yandex” gets every day from Internet users 10-12 thousand. Requests on the subject of economy - it is twice more than a year ago. People are looking for a way to save on almost everything - for food, clothing, cosmetics, CTP, wedding. There is also growing popularity of mobile applications that help maintain “Home Bookkeeping” and find stores with discounts.
As told to “News” in the press service of “Yandex”, “visible growth queries about saving for Russian users” was recorded in November 2014 - when the ruble was just beginning to fall. Then users interested in the topic of economy “is about one and a half times more than the year before.”
“And in January, after the holidays, the level of interest in this topic has grown even more - almost 4.5 times, - said the press service. - By mid-February level of interest in the topic has decreased, but still the number of inquiries about the saving of approximately two times more than last year. On average weekday users ask 10-12 thousand. requests on this subject. ”
Some questions are more like “cry from the heart”, such as “all gone up, how to save,” “how to save, to live in a crisis, what to reject,” “an urgent need to gather up a large sum of money, and I do not know how to save,” ” how to save money at a salary of 23 thousand. rubles. ”
Most often, users are looking for, how to save on electricity, gasoline and food. Product can be such requests “to save on food with the use of”, “how to save on food girl”, “how to save on products video”, “10 tricks to help save products.”
Also quite a few requests come about how to spend less money on clothing, household and CTP. In addition, the Russians ask, “how to save on shopping,” “how to save on diapers”, “how to make hair conditioner at home and save money”, “how to save on credit card”, “on what can be saved at a wedding” “how to save on cleaning products.”
Entrepreneurs are also seeking advice on what to save, on the Internet. For example, received such requests “to save in a crisis than in beauty salons”, “how to save paper in the office”, “how to save electricity at the plant”, “how to save on bank guarantee”, “how to save on VAT without breaking Tax Code. “

16 March 2015

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