“Yandex” has learned to predict the accident

“Yandex” has developed a system for predicting traffic congestion and traffic accidents. The system outputs the “prediction” on the interactive map that is updated in real time. It is reported by the press service of “Yandex”.
A special system was developed project Yandex Data Factory commissioned by the Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor). While the program is running in test mode, but now can help avoid unpleasant situations on the roads. “All-seeing eye” Yandex covered 2,196 kilometers of roads, which are divided into certain segments. For these areas the way forward one hour average speed is calculated. Furthermore, the system predicts the likelihood of an accident for four hours in advance.

According to the first observations, in accordance with the real possibility of an accident accident statistics in the areas marked “by Yandex”, 30 times higher than in the other. In addition, the program can be useful utilities. For example, if traffic forecast, you can effectively plan the movement of machinery for cleaning streets.

When creating a system takes into account a variety of data about the roads in recent years. Developers use information about traffic congestion, weather reports and base labels accident on “Google.Maps.” In addition, take into account the state of the road surface on various sites, the number of lanes and markings. This allowed to identify the main causes of traffic jams and accidents.

By the way, today the portal Auto.ru, which belongs to the company “Yandex”, the opportunity to automatically check the classified ads of used cars. As for innovation while only cars registered in Moscow and the Moscow region. The new feature will help determine compliance with these characteristics and to identify the machine, ranking in the hijacking.

If during the inspection found any violations, the announcement of the sale will be removed from the site. In addition, the portal came filter that allows you to display only proven ad. If the user liked ad has not been tested, it can independently run a program that will open it all the “secrets” of the car.

6 March 2015

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