“Yandekc” complained to the FAS on Google - too that dominates on Android

“Yandex” has asked the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) to check if Google does not violate the antitrust laws of Russia, “Vedomosti” with reference to the “Yandex”.

The reason for the application “Yandex” - Mobile Operating System Android. Russian search engine says that he wants to have manufacturers had a choice - what services and search set by default on your device.

We believe that the services to users - such as search, maps, mail, and so on. D. - To be separated from the operating system Android. We think it is important to return the competition in product quality - when it is not the one who has more leverage, but the one who makes the best service.

In the world has long been discussed problem of the use by Google of its unique position in the field of mobile operating systems to promote unrelated to operating system services, the report said. The company owns the operating system Android, which operates most of the mobile devices in the world. Access to key platform components, in particular - to the app store Google Play, without which it is almost impossible to sell the device on Android, manufacturers can obtain only under Google. As a result, Google can put any restrictions - until the ban on cooperation with competing services

Himself “Yandex” faced with restrictions in the past year - Google pushing manufacturers Fly, Explay and Prestigio, so they removed the pre-installed firmware Yandeks.Kit from their phones. “Yandex” believes that Google can continue this practice:

At risk - not only “Yandex”, but also other major developers, services that compete with the products of Google, and other device manufacturers who may lose the ability to choose the most attractive options preset services. In the end, the interests of users are affected.

Android’s openness is not already open, says, “Yandex” in your message.

Android’s openness in the past. The basis of Android devices has become a closed package technology Google Mobile Services (GMS), including Google Play, and several other components. Dependence of smartphone manufacturers and developers of GMS has grown so much that Google can dictate the rules of the game. If manufacturers do not agree on their devices to promote Google services, in particular - to set the default search Google, they may lose access to the components of the platform Android, on which depends the success of their smartphones

18 February 2015

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