Manufacturer Fly phones came out of a partnership with “by Yandex”

Since December 2015, new models of smartphones Fly on Android will not be pre-installed, no service “Yandex” at the request of Google, RBC reported the press service of “Yandex”. A source familiar with Google’s decision on this issue confirms that Google does not allow competitors to install products for smartphones. Contract with Fly, to his knowledge, will be concluded in the next few days

“Most likely, as in other cases, it is forced [to Fly] measure associated with the renegotiation of a package of agreements with Google to get Google Mobile Services”, - suggests a spokesman for the company “Yandex” Asya Melkumova. “We have been working closely with and Fly. In the last two years on Android phones Fly in Russia sold with pre-installed on the second screen widget search for” Yandex “. However, we recently reported that in January 2015 in all new models Fly on Android” Yandex “will not be pre-installed in any form,” - she says RBC.

The official representative of Fly, Marketing Director Rajiv Thakur, declined to comment. As of Google, responding to a question about the RBC how and why changing conditions of the contract with Fly, drew attention to the fact that users are not prohibited by any set services - “Yandex” including. “People always have the option to choose what applications and services to use in their Android-powered devices,” - said the press service of Google.

8 December 2014

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