Investigation of RBC as officials outsmarted “Yandex”

Officials no longer require “Yandex” create the media - perhaps because they have learned to interact with the robot search engine. As found RBC, several hundred government agencies and newspapers in Moscow in the middle of the year to connect their sites to “Yandex. Novosti” and operate in unison.

As a result, even the most resonant news - for example, the opening of a kindergarten Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, receive an audience of about 50 million people. Successful experience can be applied on the federal level, are afraid of the Internet community.

News Troopers

Since the summer, the news on the front page of “Yandex” increasingly could see the messages associated with the activities of the government of Moscow - and many of them were difficult to attribute to the resonant events of the day (see. Certificate “Sobyanin on the main page of” Yandex “). Most of the news is generated sites of regional newspapers, and prefectural governments councils, sometimes they were picked up by the federal media. analysis “Databases media and official sources,” “Yandex” (contains a list of all the resources that are indexed by the search engine robot) showed that from May to August in this database has added more than 200 sites in Moscow.

Most of these sites has started only in 2014, for example, the site of the regional newspaper “Sviblovo”, according to the service Whois (owned by RU-Center, dealing with domain name registration), established on June 13, and the newspaper “Teply Stan” - 29 April. There are also more “old” sites: for example, the online version of the newspapers “Nut-Borisov South” and “Nagatino Gardeners” appeared in 2013, but to “Yandex” they only joined this summer. Sami newspapers in paper form existed for years - for example, “Nut-Borisov South” has received a license media, according Roskomnazdora, back in 2009, “Sviblovo” - in 2003, “Teply Stan” - in 1994.

The representative of the RU-Center claims he did not notice much influx want a domain for the regional newspaper or government institutions.

Almost at the same time dozens of city websites write about the same event - for example, participation in the forum Sobyanin “Culture. Looking to the future” On October 15, with different headlines and added “texture.” These news stories form - as “Yandex” calls news clips about a single event. For example, within the framework of the story, “Sergei Sobyanin opens international forum” Culture. Looking into the Future “on the main page of search engine turned message Site Basman district council (see. Certificate” How to get to the top news “Yandex”).

Almost simultaneous appearance of such a large number of sites and their work in unison is not accidental, the source told RBC among publishers of regional newspapers and a source close to “Yandex”. According to them, the officials of the government of Moscow test new technologies vzimodeystviya with the search engine.

“On the creation of sites for” Yandex “has been given a week”, - says the manager of one of the companies that publish the district and county newspaper in Moscow. He knows about the creation of 135 such sites or news feeds on already existing resources, which served as the archives for the newspapers.

23 October 2014

Yandex acquired developer solutions for handwriting and printed text
Released version Yandex Browser for Linux users

• "Yandex" has launched a news automatically generated news »»»
"Yandex" is preparing to launch its own information for tape media, where all the notes are automatically generated with the help of special algorithms based on monitoring and analysis.
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Today Yandex.Maps appeared panorama of the four regional capitals of Russia.
• About 40% of news reports in runet not original »»»
Every weekday media publish a network of at least 50 000 news in Russian language (according to “Yandex” for September 2010 - January 2011).
• Prosecutor General's Office found no grounds for equating "Yandex" to the media »»»
Attorney General's office that conducted the "Yandex" on request of State Duma deputy Andrei Lugovoi, has not found violations in the largest Russian Internet search engine.
• Yandex updates its title page »»»
Soon home Yandex will look different. A preliminary version, you can see right now on page next.