Yandex acquired developer solutions for handwriting and printed text

“Yandex” has agreed with Parascript full transition to work for him the Moscow team - about 20 developers who specialize in handwriting recognition technology and the printed text, told “Kommersant” in the Russian Internet company. It is not about buying software or content, the license to use the software (software) or entity, specify in the company, “” Yandex “only gets the opportunity to work with the Russian team of developers.” According to the representative of “Yandex”, the examination staff Parascript will help to strengthen the search direction, and to a greater extent on the “Pictures” and “Videos”.

Amount of the transaction in the “Yandex” refused to disclose. According to a source familiar with the negotiations, it could create “a few million dollars, part of which will be paid to the company Parascript, part - the people themselves.”

30 September 2014

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