“Yandex” has launched search service repairmen apartments

The company “Yandex” has launched a new service “Yandeks.Master.” Representatives of the company announced at a press conference on Tuesday, 23 September, reports “Heathcliff”.

The service is intended to help solve everyday problems - from cleaning to repair apartments and travel arrangements. It is available at the address on master.yandex.ru. The service can find businesses and entrepreneurs, offering services for the implementation of these works.

“Yandeks.Master” will thus act as a mediator. Through the service order will give its partners, and the user will be notified coordinates wishing to perform the work. In this case, service order under discussion connects customers and service providers through a call-center to avoid calls to the personal phone number of the consumer.

At the moment, “Yandeks.Master” cooperates with 70 partners and now works only in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In the company plans to expand the list of cities in which the new service.

23 September 2014

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