Hackers posted a net over a million passwords from accounts “Yandex”

On one of the forums on the web has been posted on the password database “Yandex.Mail” - all compromised 1,261,809 accounts, writes Siliconrus citing Habrahabr. Personal details were not on the web as a result of hacking, “Yandex”, the company said.

The base is a text document, which states one million positions. In “Yandex” denied leakage of data from their services.

“Passwords” Yandex “are protected and are not stored in clear text. Therefore published a list - it’s not” hacking “and not” leak “of” Yandex “. Our experts will check this list, and there is no reason to believe that among the published accounts have those that belong to the “live” users (those who came to our services in the “Mail”, and commit any action), or those of the burglary which we did not know (such accounts have long been sent to the password recovery ). ”

Users on the network have found that to be good passwords to mailboxes “Yandex”, with accounts look long abandoned. In “Yandex” suggest that could steal passwords by using viruses or through the use of phishing schemes.

Members “Habrahabr” refer to several resources, have placed the base with passwords - free Infosliv and Bitcoin Security.

For tens of thousands of email addresses is not required and cracking, because about 40 000 people used the password “123456″, 13,000 preferred password: “1234567890″, and so on.

Check out if your account has been compromised in the list, can be using this file (passwords removed) or on a third party site. For safety reasons, all users “Yandex” is recommended to change the password of your account.

8 September 2014

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