“Yandex” has made a map of the search links the cities of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg residents more interested in other cities, and Muscovites - Petersburg

“Yandex” has made a map of the search links the cities of Russia. It shows how often people from one town looking for information about other cities. See the map on the page, you can study.
The names of Russian cities are found in about 3% of all searches of St. Petersburg. In half the cases requests for Petersburg and the rest relate to other Russian cities - probably, in these places of St. Petersburg often, work, learn, and relax.
In addition to his city, mostly interested in St. Petersburg Moscow - connected with it 15% of all inquiries about the other cities. Muscovites in turn are most interested to Peter, although asked about it much less - only 3% of cases. Furthermore, Petrograders often interested Gatchina, Murmansk and Arkhangelsk. In their top 10, as well as the residents of many other cities, hit Sochi and Rostov-on-Don.
Members of other Russian cities every month asking 3.3 million requests for Petersburg. For comparison, about Moscow asked three times, and about Samara - half. For 19 cities Petersburg can be considered significant - in queries their inhabitants it takes more than 5% of the total number of requests with city. For this indicator, St. Petersburg ranks third among all Russian cities (Moscow significant for 156 cities, and Rostov-on-Don - for 24).

5 August 2014

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