Prosecutor General’s Office found no grounds for equating “Yandex” to the media

Attorney General’s office that conducted the “Yandex” on request of State Duma deputy Andrei Lugovoi, has not found violations in the largest Russian Internet search engine. “The history is closed,” says a source close to the presidential administration.

All claims to the “Yandex” removed, said a source close to the presidential administration. “History closed, prosecutors gave her answers to the earlier letter in which he states that the activities of” Yandex “fully comply with the legislation,” - said the source.

As reported by “Kommersant” on May 15, the State Duma deputy Andrei Lugovoi sent Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika appeal demanding to check the activities of the company “Yandex” for compliance with the law “On Mass Media”. In a letter to Mr. Lugovoi noted that “in the pages of” Yandex “published materials news and analytical nature, including materials from the leading Russian and foreign media.” Dissemination of such materials, said the deputy, “is also a proliferation of mass media.” Consequently, according to the logic of the deputy, the company “Yandex”, which “is a major means of mass communication and has a huge audience,” must comply with the rules “established for the media.”

Claims to “Yandex” came out in public golf on April 24 after media forum on “United People’s Front” one of the bloggers asked President Vladimir Putin to the question of “duality” “Yandex”: “On the one hand, a search engine, on the other - it kind of like the media. Top 5 News “Yandex” viewed tens of millions of people. “Yandex” while not licensed media and the media no responsibility before the law shall not be. ” The President replied that the company “Yandex” “is not so simple.” “Now and in the government and the presidential administration under consideration is discussed and the public to recognize that media outlet that does not recognize” - he said. Vladimir Putin also noted that “Yandex” started as a project with Western influence. After the opening of trading on the NASDAQ quotes the next day “Yandex” immediately fell by 11%. Two months later, on June 23, a group of funds Baring Vostok, one of the oldest and largest shareholders “Yandex” has announced plans to sell almost its entire stake in the capital of “Yandex”, 6.22% of the shares at that time costing $ 713 on the stock exchange. Baring Vostok funds invest, in particular pension funds and university funds the U.S., Western Europe and Asia.

“All the land can also be considered one big media”

“It’s quite an absurd story, because with precisely the same success can be equated to the media” Mail of Russia “, which also distributes the media. Or, for example, a newsagent. If to approach him, you will see the names of laying open some announcements on covers. Newsstand can just as accurately be considered successful mass media “- the former secretary of the Union of Journalists Igor Yakovenko.

2 July 2014

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