Andrei Lugovoi, a question for “Yandex” (MP asked the Prosecutor General to check the company)

As the “Y”, a State Duma deputy from the Liberal Democratic Party, Andrei Lugovoi appealed to the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika, asking them to check the activities of the company “Yandex” for compliance with the law “On Mass Media”. He believes that “Yandex.News” should equate to the media. The fact that a company “Yandex” “not so simple” media forum on April 24 ONF President Vladimir Putin said. If the answer of the Prosecutor General Lugovoi intends to prepare amendments to the legislation. Media experts doubt that the Internet company can be equated to the media.

Power takes another step to regulate the Internet industry. April 22, the State Duma likened bloggers to the media yesterday and State Duma deputy from the Liberal Democratic Party, Andrei Lugovoi sent Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika appeal demanding to check the activities of the company “Yandex” for compliance with the law “On Mass Media” (the letter is at the disposal “b”). It notes that “in the pages of” Yandex “published materials news and analytical nature, including materials from the leading Russian and foreign media.” Dissemination of such materials, said the deputy, “is also a proliferation of mass media.” Consequently, according to the logic of the deputy, the company “Yandex”, which “is a major means of mass communication and has a huge audience,” must comply with the rules “established for the media.”
As explained “” Lugovoi, “the differences between the top news in the” Yandex “and the news that spread, for example, newspaper, no.” If the Prosecutor General’s Office acknowledged that the company “Yandex” under the media law is not subject to, the deputy will prepare a change in the law in order to “resource activity was in the legal field.” Deputy chairman of the Committee on the media in the State Duma Leonid Levin (”Fair Russia”) believes that “the formulation of the question Lugovoi is quite appropriate.” “Many people get their information from top news” Yandex “, but on the links themselves, they do not go - said” b “Mr. Levin. - Why did not equate” Yandex.News “the media?”

Lugovoi unhappy and that “Yandex” has been registered in the Netherlands. “As citizens, whose rights may be violated in one of his notes, which circulated” Yandex “can sue the company if it is not registered in Russia (the claim is served on the location of the legal person. -” B “)?” - Said the deputy. The representative of the company “Yandex” Asya Melkumova said “b”: “Deputy Lugovoi to” Yandex “is not addressed, the essence of his claim is unknown to us.”
Media Forum on April 24 ONF one of the bloggers asked President Vladimir Putin to the question of “duality” “Yandex”: “On the one hand, a search engine, on the other - it’s kind of media. Top 5 News” Yandex “viewed tens of millions of people. “Yandex” while not licensed media and the media no responsibility before the law shall not be. ” The President replied that the company “Yandex” “not so simple” ………

15 May 2014

CEO Ukrainian “Yandex” went on indefinite leave
One of the oldest shareholders “Yandex” - fund Tiger - sold all shares of the company

• Prosecutor General's Office found no grounds for equating "Yandex" to the media »»»
Attorney General's office that conducted the "Yandex" on request of State Duma deputy Andrei Lugovoi, has not found violations in the largest Russian Internet search engine.
• News aggregators can disappear: in "Yandex" and Google has not approved the initiative of the State Duma »»»
The company "Yandex" and Google commented on the initiative of the State Duma equated news aggregators like "Yandeks.
• Search Engines are ready to abandon the news, if news aggregators equated to media »»»
On Tuesday, President Vladimir Putin should discuss regulation headings with the largest Internet companies.
•, "Yandex" and "Facebook" is planned to recognize the strategic enterprises »»»
The deputies of the Duma Committee on Property offered to expand the list of companies that have strategic importance for Russia.
• Audience "Yandex" has exceeded the number of viewers of Channel »»»
In April 2012, “Yandex” visited by 19.1 million people a day, and watched Channel 18.