CEO Ukrainian “Yandex” went on indefinite leave

CEO branch “Yandex” in Ukraine Sergei Petrenko went on indefinite leave. This was a top manager wrote in his blog. His responsibilities will be to perform another employee.

Petrenko announced resignation after careless statements about events in Odessa. In comments to the post on Facebook Petrenko wrote: “All is well. Virtually cleared the city from the separatists. So waiting for summer.” In response to a remark opponent he then added that we should not “be terrified” deaths that “a few months called for violence, provoked riots and were under foreign flags.”

On the basis of these comments, the Russian newspaper “Izvestia” wrote a note titled “Director” Yandeks.Ukraina “openly supported Odessites burning.” The article quoted a Russian deputy Leonid Slutsky, who accused Sergei Petrenko fascism.

In Odessa, the other day, there were clashes between supporters and opponents of federalization. During the conflict, someone set fire to the House of Trade Unions, which had taken refuge in the pro-Russian activists. As a result, according to official figures, 46 people were killed.

5 May 2014

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