Mortal Kombat “M-Video” with “by Yandex” and the growth of the Internet in Russia

Yandex may come under pressure from the Russian retailers. This week claims to Russia’s largest search engine company president showed “M-Video” Alexander Tynkovan.

At a meeting of the Association of Russian retailers, abbreviated “Hardware stores,” he said, that the goods are presented at overwhelmingly counterfeit.

According Tynkovan on Yandex “gray” products are sold at prices lower than those of larger retailers. And it certainly can not retailers do not bother.

According to the head “M-Video”, the search engine has become a “mega-regulator of the market.” Therefore Tynkovan called Roscomnadzor and check the activities of the Ministry of Industry “Yandex” and punish him.

To top it off, the press service of “M-Video” stated that he spoke personally about Tynkovan not sore, and the position of the Hardware stores in general. That is, in a nutshell, according to major retailers, most of what is sold through Yandex.Market at prices lower than the big stores - is counterfeit, and it should be responsible for “Yandex”.

In “Yandex”, in turn, respond that “Market” is only an aggregator proposals acting according to the law on advertising. A check on the authenticity of the products in its task is not included.

“We are very surprised by the prosecution for the sale of counterfeit Yandex.Market as” Market “was never store. All transactions take place between buyers and online shopping. And, in fact, Yandex.Market - a database of ads from other stores. Therefore, the accusations of the “M-Video”, which deals with promotional offers aggregator counterfeiting, we seem absurd. And, furthermore, we assume that this statement requires serious analysis, and perhaps follow us lawsuit for protection of business reputation . No official claims to Yandex.Market about counterfeiting have been reported “- explained the spokesman,” Yandex “Asya Melkumova.

Now its products through Yandex.Market implement nearly 15,000 stores. The structure consists of 36 ACORT large retailers. They are also indexed market, but almost everyone loses pricing smaller competitors.

That is, the buyer selects items on the Market, most likely will choose a competitor, rather than, say, “M-Video”. Especially that the resource system operates consumer reviews and often on large networks respond worse than for small retail suppliers.

The growth of e-commerce is now enormous. If the market in 2013 amounted to about 19 billion dollars in 2014, is projected to exceed $ 26 billion. That is, more and more people buy goods on the Internet is.

Formal response to the complaint and Hardware stores in Roskomnadzor Minpromtorge not yet given. So far only promised to consider the claim.

But the question in dispute “M-Video” with “by Yandex” is actually talking about the survival of large retail chains as such. Yandex as a simple aggregator, in any case will earn on the Market, even if there is not 15, but 5000 Bid

26 April 2014

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