Yandex and open HSE Faculty of Computer Science

Higher School of Economics and Yandex opened a new department - computer science. There, students will be able to get a full degree in computer science. And besides - a state diploma.

New Faculty of Computer Science - a “big” department. In the Higher School of Economics so called structural association responsible for the whole domain. Faculty will integrate current software engineering department and department of applied mathematics and computer science, and in addition, there will be a new department - big data and information retrieval. It is created on the basis of the base chair Yandex, which since 2008 has the HSE. Dean of the Faculty will be Ivan Arzhantsev - Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor and head of Mekhmat group of academic programs in Yandex.

Academic and educational programs Yandex there for many years. The most famous project of the company in this area - School Data Analysis (ShAD), which appeared seven years ago. This free two-year courses for undergraduates and graduates specializing in mathematics. Courses there are read by teachers of Russian and foreign universities, and all students have the opportunity to do an internship in Yandex. During its existence ShAD became very famous and popular. The idea of ​​using this experience to teach mladshekursnikov - and this idea was supported guide Towers. Together with the HSE, we want to create a Faculty of Computer Science of the global level - the first in Russia.

The head of the educational program at Bachelor Anton will Konushin, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor of CMC MSU. It is assumed that as a result of training students will receive the entire set of professional programming skills and deep knowledge of basic mathematics. Beginning with the senior courses they can choose for themselves one of the areas of computer science and either delve into academia, or try yourself in practice.

In the master of the new faculty will be several areas including software and basic chair Yandex - “Analysis of online data.” Read courses in bachelor and master teachers will HSE ShAD and teachers, and specialists Yandex.

Entering the first year can be this summer. It is planned to collect 180 people in low places, in addition, and paid training.

2 April 2014

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