“Yandex” for the first time overtake first channel revenue

By the end of 2013 the Internet company “Yandex” overtake on the annual revenues of the largest Russian media - First Channel. About this newspaper “Vedomosti” on the basis of data on turnover “Yandex” and forecasts growth of television advertising market.

For the first nine months of 2013 the company’s turnover, “Yandex” was 27.4 billion rubles, an increase of 37 percent compared with the same period last year. At this rate of growth annual revenue “Yandex” will reach 40 billion rubles, “Vedomosti”.

Financial results of the First Channel will be known only at year-end. Projected largest seller of advertising on Russian television company Vi (former “Video International”), TV advertising market will grow by 10 percent in 2013. According to RACA, in the first nine months of the year, revenue channels actually increased by 11 percent.

Last year, revenue was 29.1 Channel One billion rubles, while revenue “Yandex” - 28.8 billion. if the forecast proves correct, the sales volume of the First Channel will reach a total of 32 billion rubles, which is 20 percent less than projected revenues “Yandex”.

Share of TV advertising market leader in Russia, is now 47 per cent, while the share of online advertising - 21 percent. At the same time, “Yandex” sells half of all online advertising in Russia, Channel One - only one-fifth of the total television advertising. However, on the first channel is not considered “Yandex” its direct competitor, as the Internet company mainly earns by selling contextual advertising. On the First Channel has previously noted that the intersection of television and “Yandex” in display advertising is about 10 percent.

In April 2012, “Yandex” has already surpassed the first channel in the audience, becoming the largest in the country and the media in this category. Over the month, the site online company was setting 19.1 million people a day, and looked first channel 18.2 million people a day.

27 December 2013

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• Audience "Yandex" has exceeded the number of viewers of Channel »»»
In April 2012, “Yandex” visited by 19.1 million people a day, and watched Channel 18.
• "Yandex" lost to "kinopoisk" half a billion rubles »»»
"Yandex" has lowered its assessment of the intangible assets by 576 million rubles.
• "Yandex" started in the search. Its market share for the first time in four years has exceeded 60% »»»
The share of “Yandex” in the search market runet for the first time four years has exceeded 60%.
• "Yandex" has increased its annual revenue by 45% by selling contextual advertising »»»
In 2010 the company “Yandex” has increased its revenues by 43% compared with the previous year.
• Google.ru vs. Yandex: 2,2 billion rubles. and 9.3 billion rubles. »»»
Russian search engines do not intend to give up their positions in the market, and as it turned out - Google earnings up Yandex in Russia quite far.