Apple starts selling through “Yandex”

Apple has checked into “” to sell the new model iPhone and iPad. While these devices have Russian representation is not available, and you can only buy accessories

Russian representation Apple begins to offer iPhone, iPad and accessories through “Yandex.Market.” Seller named Apple Store was seen in the window of “Yandex” December 3, 2013
The representative of “Yandex” Asya Melkumova CNews assured of the authenticity of the seller in the Apple Store “”
According to her, the items appeared on the Apple Store “Yandex.Market” “around the end of last week.” According to the seller Apple Store, he enrolled in the service “Yandex” on June 26, 2013, ie the day when Russia started the company online store Apple Online Store.

Prices for lots iPhone 5s and iPad all models in 2013 “” coincide with the prices of the same devices in the Russian online store Apple Store. Delivery of all products Apple Store, as specified in the grant “Yandex.Market” is free (probably Moscow).

“Cheap” iPhone 5c seller in the Apple Store “” is not represented. Absent in “” and offers from Apple Store computers Apple - as desktop iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro, and “makbukov.”

It is noteworthy that both the online store Apple Store, and the “” the eponymous seller now buy iPad and iPhone 5s/5c impossible.

3 December 2013

“Yandex” has released a browser for iPhone
“Yandex” put on the ears all the search business

• Mortal Kombat "M-Video" with "by Yandex" and the growth of the Internet in Russia »»»
Yandex may come under pressure from the Russian retailers. This week claims to Russia's largest search engine company president showed "M-Video" Alexander Tynkovan.
• Manufacturer Fly phones came out of a partnership with "by Yandex" »»»
Since December 2015, new models of smartphones Fly on Android will not be pre-installed, no service "Yandex" at the request of Google, RBC reported the press service of "Yandex".
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"Yandex" has lowered its assessment of the intangible assets by 576 million rubles.
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Yandex announces the purchase of one of the most popular Russian automotive portals Auto.
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The company "Yandex" at a press conference on Wednesday, February 19, presented Yandex.