“Yandex” has released a browser for iPhone

“Yandex” has released a mobile web browser for iPhone. The application can compress traffic and automatically open the sites after pronouncing their names.

The company “Yandex” has updated the mobile “Yandeks.Brauzer” to the new version by adding support for iPhone. Earlier, the “Yandeks.Brauzer” existed only for the iPad and devices running Android (version for tablets was released on Monday.)

“Yandeks.Brauzer” offers quick access to the sites, fast loading pages, saving traffic and other features.
When you click on the address bar in “Yandeks.Brauzere” and a new tab automatically appears “Scoreboard” - a set of links to the sites that users visit most often. Links can be attached and removed.

Technology “Turbo” allows the application to compress the contents of the Web pages to save bandwidth and load them faster even with slow internet. When you activate this mode, the contents of the page is first compressed on the server “Yandex” and then passed to the browser. Heavy page elements (such as multimedia) are blocked and do not load at all.
“Turbo” can save users up to 30% of the traffic. In the first year of operation “Yandeks.Brauzera” (combined figures for all versions: both mobile and desktop) mode, speed up loading of pages included in 22% of users, this month the browser speeds up 1.4 billion pages.

The browser knows the addresses of sites and search queries entered from the keyboard, and voice, as well as find out a lot of pages for simple description, such as “news” or “Lion of colon wikipedia.”
The last feature saves the user from having to click on a search result, as desired site opens immediately after entering his name in the search box. For comparison, if the same query in the search box to enter the regular browser Safari, it prompts you with search results on Google, as do not go to the correct site.

20 November 2013

Yandex updates and upgrades
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• MTS subscribers can use the application "Yandex" and not pay for traffic in general. »»»
On July 19 the first time all MTS subscribers can use the application “Yandex” and not pay for traffic in general.
• Yandex has studied the interests of users of image search »»»
- Every day in the search for the pictures asking 8 million queries and view 100 million pages of results.
• "Yandex" has introduced its own Android firmware »»»
The company "Yandex" at a press conference on Wednesday, February 19, presented Yandex.
• Yandex and ICQ have closed a joint project »»»
The search engine Yandex and service ICQ instant messaging did not renew a cooperation agreement.
• Released version Yandex Browser for Linux users »»»
Today Yandex Browser Beta updated to the new version 14.10, which tested several fairly major innovations.