Yandex updates and upgrades

Hello dear readers of my blog. Today I want to tell you about this known as Comrade Yandex. The well-known search engine Yandex very strongly and firmly seated in runet, Google is probably for the rest of the world. Many vembastera faced with such a concept as an update[/[t:tag slug=obnovlenie]update Yandex SERPs about this today and we’ll talk.

What exactly is an update Yandex SERPs? It’s just a searchable database update Yandex, there are: Yandex Catalogue update, update, searchable database of pictures, an favicon, mirror-update. Simply put, this new layout of website content in search engine Yandex. Something like the approval of the editor of your newspaper wrote an article for the new issue of the magazine. By the way, I did not mention nothing about the approval of the editor, as the article posted on your site should be unique article interesting and have to use your keywords.

13 November 2013

What is the future of the Russian Internet?
“Yandex” has released a browser for iPhone

• "Yandex" has made Android a three-dimensional »»»
“Yandex” and he owned the company introduced SPB Software 3D-shell tablet running Android.
• Yandeks.Vebmaster: now userfriendly »»»
In Yandeks.Vebmaster a new section “Messages”. Now the search engine will send the webmaster the following information: - About important changes to the TOS Yandex - Personal.
• Update Yandeks.Blogi - What say the most »»»
Quoted by the company blog: Today we have updated the main page search blogs.
• Facebook bought the start-up "Yandex" »»»
Confirmed the information that Facebook gets face recognition technology developer in the photo Face.
• Intelligence agencies sued for stealing code "Yandex" »»»
Hackers penetrated a database of Russia’s largest Internet resource and stole proprietary code search engine.