What is the future of the Russian Internet?

The future of the Internet is predicted only for the next year or two - so the experts say. What will happen - no one knows. But one thing is certain: every day ðóíåò occupies an increasingly important place in the lives of Russians.
In recent years, the trend of diversification is clearly loomed large Internet companies: they aim to offer users maximum services to predict which services can be useful to them. Author of books on management and social media Phil Simon in 2011 published the manuscript of “The Time of platforms.” In it he tells the story of the largest U.S. companies such as Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon, which have chosen the model of development - the platform. Phil Simon believes that in this way, each company is trying to become the giant literally everything for the user to make sure that other Internet resources are no longer needed. After all, the platform has everything from the weather to the online store. This is a chance to provide maximum services in a single portal.
30 years ago, when computers were created, Microsoft’s mission is to ensure that every home had a computer. “For 15 years, she performed” - said an employee of Microsoft Mikhail Chernomordikov. And if we talk about the future, in his opinion, soon more and more space will occupy the ecosystem.
For example, the game Angry Birds. In its environment, not only the application game, but everything connected with it: gifts, coloring books, toys, etc. And together refers to the ecosystem at Microsoft.
“The Internet will disappear when the browser lost the concept,” - says Andrey Sebrant, director of marketing services Yandex. How, for example, disappeared concept computers - electronic computer. Even the word “computer” gradually disappear from the lexicon. Who is more likely to use the word “laptop”, “laptop”, “tablet”, etc.
“Platform - this is something unique that replaces the Internet,” - said Alexander Kuzmenko, project manager Games.Mail.ru. Feature platform that it contains all the required user. He gives an example: on Mail.ru is almost everything, and mail and news, and gay, and games, a lot of other services. Kuz’menko believes that all portals that have at least one million people, it is necessary to develop in the direction of the structure of “platform”. He believes that in a few years there will be only a few of the giant platforms, later, will be only one: they all come together.
A few facts about the portal:
1) 22 million people in Russia are shopping on the Internet.
2) the share of e-commerce in the Russian market in 2015 will grow by a factor of 2: now it is 2.2% and is - 4.5%.
3) The most profitable types of business in the Russian Internet - is tourism (turnover 961 million), food (718 million), household appliances (307 million).
4) And the most popular segments of the business - is shopping electronics, home appliances and clothing.
5) The market of mobile internet in Russia is growing rapidly: in the last year, the number of users increased by 54%.

12 November 2013

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Yandex updates and upgrades

• Google.ru vs. Yandex: 2,2 billion rubles. and 9.3 billion rubles. »»»
Russian search engines do not intend to give up their positions in the market, and as it turned out - Google earnings up Yandex in Russia quite far.
• In TV Samsung embedded search "Yandex" »»»
Yandex and Samsung have agreed on a strategic partnership in the CIS.
• Yandex wants to stand in the line of Windows Search 10 »»»
The largest Russian Internet company Yandex is ready to negotiate with Microsoft to provide its search technology on Windows 10 in Russia and other markets.
• "Yandex" has learned to automatically determine the age and sex of user »»»
Russia’s largest search portal, “Yandex” from now on will determine the sex and age of the user.
• "Yandex" has created the best in Russian social network. The truth about himself does not know yet »»»
Company “Yandex” has managed to create the embryo beautiful, modern in every sense of the word social network.