Moscow drivers are commemorated in the mirrors Putin’s more than hell

Internet portal selected seven words in a mobile application, “Yandex. Jam,” which often use the drivers from Moscow, standing in traffic jams. As it turned out, apart from God, the devil and the mother motorists often commemorate the president and prime minister, as well as current and former mayors of Moscow. The words struck at the map and figure out what and where to use more often.

The most mentioned was the name of Russian President Vladimir Putin - his share in the total number of references to all seven words is 38.6%. “Throughout the city, the president presented in abundance. And in some places, for example, on Kutuzov Avenue - in excess” - said in explanation to the map. The name of the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin drivers pronounced in virtual conversations rarely, but it has “its own” street - Trade Union, which he “shares” with the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. “Apparently, motorists admire expansion project of Moscow to Kaluga,” - ironically the authors of the study.

Ex-mayor Yuri Luzhkov, “can be seen on Volgogradke and Kashirke. It is discussed in the Kremlin. On the Ring Road on the former mayor is almost forgotten.” But on the ring road, as well as on Kutuzov Avenue, often think of the mother, especially when at last, “the father passes the nation,” said the portal. God, according to the map, “remained on the Garden Ring, as well as the Volgograd and Kashira Highway Avenue.” The word “devil” was more popular, especially among the drivers, standing in traffic jams in the city center.

In November 2010, drivers stuck in traffic record before the Day of National Unity, cried on the Internet en masse to the mayor of Moscow, “Sobyanin, help”. A month before the busy roads led to motorists that the city spontaneously created social network “Odnoprobniki” based on the mobile service “Yandex. Stoppers.”

24 July 2012

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