“Yandex” has created the best in Russian social network. The truth about himself does not know yet

Company “Yandex” has managed to create the embryo beautiful, modern in every sense of the word social network. No, it is not mournful about the project “My Circle”. Despite the efforts of developers and power of “Yandex”, in spite of good ideas about integration with other social networks, the brand “My Circle” is only the association with the circles on the water, which vary around the drowning of the subject. Maybe social networking business in the old format of satiety, perhaps - is that the professional community (which made a bid “Yandex”) have not developed at all … Who cares! It’s not about the deliberate attempt to “Yandex” social networks to market, but about a completely different - inadvertent.

We are talking about “Yandex.Maps.” “What kind of social network? - Tell any sane reader. - Well this is the map!” And it is absolutely right. This is really the map. And traffic jams, and even geolocation, and more emphasis on mobile devices, and even the possibility to exchange messages and even create groups. And yet millions of users and tens of thousands of companies. In general, the embryo is a social network - the latest of those that are still created in Russia.

A bit of history. In 2004 the project was launched in the same year, but a little later, “Yandex.Maps” appeared on cell phones. Then followed various improvements such as satellite maps. In 2008, users can add events on the cards - such as accidents or road works. But standing in traffic jams, Russians (mostly Muscovites, like most “cork” the inhabitants of Russia) and the laying of missed events on the map is not the case, but only to throw in a traffic jam stagnant vitality and at the same time say what they think about Moscow government and the transport system. For those in 2010 introduced a new feature - “conversations.”

Conversations in the mirror the ranks quickly became a popular pastime of bored motorists. In addition to the most common cries of the soul like “I want to use the bathroom, bursting right now” and “Who will buy soup?” or political slogans (”Hello Sobyanin,” “Return the beekeeper!”) began to appear more complex examples of social activism. Standing next to the drivers announced the availability in their cookies and the desire to share them with starved fellow-sufferers. Young people learn enticing girls, and girls sometimes responded. People have even tried to communicate with relatives (”Honey, start without me”). Now, according to “Yandex”, which he has kindly given us a function of placing events on the card uses about 240 000 people per month (an increase of more than 1.5 times over the last year), conversations are in the ranks of about 65,000 - this is 2 times more than a year earlier. The growth potential is great - “Yandex.Maps” uses more than 3.5 million people a month (a number that is growing), the traffic will be more and more car dealers and the City will take care of it. Is not it a social network for motorists and others?

5 July 2012

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