Facebook bought the start-up “Yandex”

Confirmed the information that Facebook gets face recognition technology developer in the photo Face.com, one of the investors which is a search engine “Yandex”.

Social network Facebook has officially announced the acquisition of start-up Face.com, an Israeli developer of face recognition technology in the photographs.

The first information about the deal emerged in the last month, but before the official confirmation of purchase Face.com the world’s biggest social network has been reported. The parties did not disclose financial terms of the transaction.
According to the publication TechCrunch, the deal should be approximately $ 100 million - about one-tenth of the money that Facebook intends to spend on buying a popular application for working with photos Instagram. Earlier it was reported that talks between Facebook and Face.com has already performed several times in recent years, however, the developer of face recognition technology has consistently denied social networks due to low prices offered by the company.

Start-up Face.com was founded in 2007 in Israel. Recall that in September 2010 Face.com drew in the second round investment of $ 4.3 million from the “Yandex” and the investment firm Rodium. Previously, the company managed to get an investment of $ 1 million in “Yandex” did not disclose the exact size of them in perfect Face.com investments and received shares in the company’s search engine. It is known that the search engine owned by minority interest Face.com, however, at the end of 2010 with the words of a source familiar with the details of the transaction, it became known that the CEO “Yandex” Arkady Volozh is on the board of directors of Face.com.

19 June 2012

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“Yandex” has acquired a stake in Israeli company working on the recognition of faces in photos.
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The company “Yandex” has signed an agreement with a social network facebook - now the data shown in this sotsseti.
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The first project implemented “by Yandex” with “a revolutionary in the field of Internet surveillance” Face.
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"Yandex" has agreed with Parascript full transition to work for him the Moscow team - about 20 developers who specialize in handwriting recognition technology and the printed text.