“Yandex” has learned to recognize users, watching TV

“Yandex” is now able to recognize among its members those who regularly watch TV. This is made possible through collaboration with a group of mediakommunikatsionnoy Vivaki. The technology will be used to segment the audience of Internet advertising.
“Digital Eye” / “Digital Eye” / - the first joint development of “Yandex” and VivaKi. According to the director for the development of media products, “Yandex” Leo Glaser, this tool is based on technology “Yandex” - “Crypt.” “She is able to distinguish almost any group of users, unless their behavior in the network varies, - he added. - We will continue to develop the crypts and are open to cooperation with mediakommunikatsionnymi companies who are interested in new tools subtle advertising.”

8 June 2012

From the updated version of Firefox disappear pre-search “Yandex”
Facebook bought the start-up “Yandex”

• "Yandex" has hired a former director of the Russian BBDO »»»
A former top manager of a large advertising agency BBDO.
• "Yandex" has made Android a three-dimensional »»»
“Yandex” and he owned the company introduced SPB Software 3D-shell tablet running Android.
• Yandex launches investfabriku startups »»»
“Yandex” opens “Yandeks.Fabriku”, which will deal with investing in foreign as well as in Russian startups associated with e-business, multimedia, navigation and other technologies.
• "Yandex" has learned to automatically determine the age and sex of user »»»
Russia’s largest search portal, “Yandex” from now on will determine the sex and age of the user.
• Yandex joined Bynet »»»
Yandex opens a portal for Belarus - yandex.by. Now users of Belarus has its Yandex, which will provide answers for them.