From the updated version of Firefox disappear pre-search “Yandex”

The next version of Firefox will be released in about a month. It “Yandex” has no pre-search engine “- confirms a member of the team, adapting the Mozilla browser for Russian users. He is surprised by this decision Mozilla, but said it was likely a part of a new global strategy. Officials Mozilla in Russia declined to comment.

“Yes, we know of this decision, Mozilla informed us a few days ago. Perhaps their decision was linked to the prisoner at the end of last year, the global three-year contract, c Google”, - says a spokesperson for “Yandex” Ochir Mandzhikov.

In December last year by Google and Mozilla Firefox have signed an agreement under which Google will be your default search[/[t:tag slug=poiskovik]search engine in Firefox for “at least another three years.” Under the agreement Google will pay slightly less than Mozilla $ 300 million annually. The main competitor for the Google deal was Microsoft, which tried to set the default in Firefox its service Bing. Also relevant negotiations led the company Yahoo!, however, the transaction price was too high for her.

In 2008, before installing the “Yandex” credit default search in my browser, Mozilla has interviewed Russian users about what search engine they would have chosen as the default preset. At this time, no survey conducted.

5 June 2012, “Yandex” and “Facebook” is planned to recognize the strategic enterprises
“Yandex” has learned to recognize users, watching TV

• Manufacturer Fly phones came out of a partnership with "by Yandex" »»»
Since December 2015, new models of smartphones Fly on Android will not be pre-installed, no service "Yandex" at the request of Google, RBC reported the press service of "Yandex".
• Yandex became the first 60% of the search market »»»
The share of “Yandex” in search queries in runet first time in four years has exceeded 60%.
• In the Russian version of Firefox is the default search engine instead of Google Yandex »»»
Russian-speaking users of Firefox expects innovation: the next version of the browser with the Russian localization, abandon a search engine Google as a default solution for the processing of requests and will only use Yandex.
• "Yandex" started in the search. Its market share for the first time in four years has exceeded 60% »»»
The share of “Yandex” in the search market runet for the first time four years has exceeded 60%.
• vs. Yandex: 2,2 billion rubles. and 9.3 billion rubles. »»»
Russian search engines do not intend to give up their positions in the market, and as it turned out - Google earnings up Yandex in Russia quite far.