“Yandex” called fake documents about financial fraud Navalny

The company “Yandex” called fake documents on the basis of which the FSB and the Federal Financial Monitoring Service has been asked about the verification of the financial activities of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. The initiator of the request was the deputy of the “United Russia” Ilya Kostunov.
As stated by “Lente.ru” spokesman “Yandex” Asya Melkumov “mythical documents from the former employee of the mythical ‘Yandex’, which says the deputy Kostunov can only be a forgery.”

Earlier, media reported that Ilya Kostunov received from a former employee of services “Yandex” information that Alex Bulk, through its “Yandeks.Koshelek” could “legitimize the means of some unknown sponsor.” For money laundering, claimed Kostunov, we developed a special program to “cheat” translations.

At the same time did not specify what kind of “purse Navalny” aroused a deputy suspected: funding for various projects of anti-corruption policy is implemented through different purses. So, on account of “painting” is now about five million rubles, on account of “Rosyamy” - a little more than one thousand rubles.

In addition, the scenario with the dirt on Alexis Navalny using fake employees “Yandex”, contained in the hacked Anonymous email, presumably belonging to the pro-Kremlin movement “Nashi”.

22 May 2012

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Lawyer Alex Bulk, in the morning on Feb. 2 announced on his “Live Journal” campaign of collecting donations for his project “Painting”.
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Russian search engines do not intend to give up their positions in the market, and as it turned out - Google earnings up Yandex in Russia quite far.
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Attorney General's office that conducted the "Yandex" on request of State Duma deputy Andrei Lugovoi, has not found violations in the largest Russian Internet search engine.