“Yandex” release debit cards

Payment System “Yandex” has begun to give users free of bank cards MasterCard. It is stated in a release sent to “Lentu.ru” the press release.

Card tied to the user’s account in “Yandex.Money”, will be paying both the Internet and in retail stores and other establishments that accept cards MasterCard. In addition, the owners of the identified accounts will receive a PIN code and be able to withdraw cash from ATMs.

The card is issued for three years and operates in all countries. Served by such a map will be free. Transactions directly with the account (for example, pay in the shops) will be provided free of charge, and the commission for cash withdrawals amount to three percent of the amount plus 15 rubles. Bank issues the card, “Tinkoff Credit Systems.”

Send a request for registration card users “Yandex” can online payment system. The card will be sent by registered mail to anywhere in the world.

“Yandex” were launched in 2002, and by early 2012 the system was more than nine million registered accounts. Every day in the “Yandex.Money” conducted more than 100 thousand transactions and payments from the accounts of the system take over 3500 online stores.

17 April 2012

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• "Yandex" was allowed to withdraw funds on the accounts of European banks »»»
Payment System “Yandex” has allowed withdrawal of funds to bank accounts in most European countries.
• Yandex now you can bring to Visa or MasterCard »»»
Yandex company continues to improve its electronic money system WebMoney, now users of the system can easily withdraw their funds, specifying only the number of plastic cards Visa or MasterCard.
• WebMoney, Shopping and ChronoPay running a single platform »»»
Billing platform ChronoPay together with e-cash systems WebMoney and Yandex.Money launched a new payment solution designed to maximize ease life as owners of online businesses and their end users.
• To purse Yandeks.Deneg can now attach RosEvroBank map »»»
To account in the payment system "Yandex.Money" you can now attach a plastic card RosEvroBank.
• Press Service of the campaign, Yandex announced that they have decided to pay in fines to simplify the traffic police. »»»
If before the client was required to fill in all the bank details.