“Yandex” has launched a cloud faylohranilische

The company “Yandex” at Thursday, April 5th, launches cloud storage files “Yandeks.Disk.”

“Yandeks.Disk” allows you to store files on a remote server in any format, including music, photos, movies and documents. Each user is allocated 10 gigabytes of space.

File access can be obtained from your computer or mobile device with Internet connection. In addition, files can “share” with others.

For computers running Windows and Mac OS X released client “Yandeks.Diska.” Owners of devices on Android and iOS can work with the disk through the application “Yandeks.Pochta.” Faylohranilische available and through a web interface.

On the “Yandeks.Diske” are also stored attachments from the user’s email address in the “Yandeks.Pochte.” Under them is the extra space. In the future, “Yandex” has plans to link the “disk” with its other services.

Now “Yandeks.Disk” operates in the mode of the closed beta access by invitation only. To receive an invitation, you must provide your email address on the site disk.yandex.ru. “Yandex” makes clear that the invitation will receive the first “tens of thousands of users” who have left the application.

5 April 2012

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