Rise Chrome, the fall of blogs and other results of 2011 according to the “Global statistics” HotLog

We consider the following trends: the popularity of web browsers, popular search engines, popular operating systems, the preferred resolution screen devices, the number of transitions from social networks, etc.

The most popular browsers were Opera: 27,85% (-2.48 percentage point drop compared to the beginning of last year), FireFox: 25,42% (-4,43 pp), Google Chrome: 21,92% (an increase of 12.31 percentage points) and Internet Explorer: 21,20% (-5,90 pp). The share of all other browsers, was 3.61% (increased by 0.53 percentage points).

Preliminary results available in January confirmed the trend in the past year: the first month of 2012 the browser Google Chrome “gained weight” more than 3 percentage points. There is little doubt that in the current quarter will increase its share of Chrome. Including through mobile devices, because the beta version of Google Chrome Mobile for Android is released.

Search engines: search engines are among the leaders: Yandex: 48.73% (-3.7 percentage points), Google: 41,31% (+3,42 pp), Mail.ru: 6,91% (+ 0.67 percentage points). On the other search engines had to be 3.05% (-0.4 pp).

Russian search engine “lost weight” about the same as “weight by” its chief competitor, Google. In third place is still Mail.ru, reclaimed from the opponent an additional 0.67 percentage points. The remaining seats are occupied, respectively, the search engines Rambler, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

The popularity of OS: Windows is slowly receding.

Share Windows XP was 46.95% (-14.37 percentage points), Windows 7 owns 40.02% (15.09 points), and Windows Vista 4,63% (-2,63 pp ..) The other operating systems is divided between the remaining 8.4% (4.49 points).

Looks like a logical increase in the number of screens with an aspect ratio, suitable for viewing movies and videos: 1366×768 (5.71 percentage points) and 1920×1080 (2.5 pp), 1600×900 (1.13 percentage points ), etc. Devices with a resolution of 1280×800 gradually replaced (-2.98) devices with higher resolution of 1366×768 (1.96) and 1440×900 (0.28).

Results of “socialist competition” can be seen on the chart. “VKontakte”: 48.51% (8.21 points), Facebook: 29,47% (+8,40 pp), LiveJournal: 5,96% (-5,16 pp .), “Classmates”: 4.68% (3.77 points), other social networks: 11.38% (-15.22 points).

All this testifies to the continuation of the slow transformation of traditional blogs in a niche service, while social networks have become a tool number 1.

17 February 2012

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