“Yandex” has launched its first project with the “revolutionary Internet surveillance”

The first project implemented “by Yandex” with “a revolutionary in the field of Internet surveillance” Face.com is the ability to recognize individuals in the “Yandex.Fotki.”

“Yandex” has reported the first project, implemented jointly with one of the pioneers in the field of recognition of human faces in images, an Israeli start-up Face.com, the proportion in which it acquired in August 2010

This project was the identification of persons in the service “Yandex.Fotki.” According to a search engine user to “quite a few times to indicate friends in the pictures to” Yandex.Fotki “became their learning.” When returning to user mode familiar marks on photographs, the service itself will prompt him the names of his friends.

The representative of “Yandex” Ochir Mandzhikov talking to CNews stressed that while the spread of face recognition technology Face.com limited service “Yandex.Fotki.” They remain the only search engine service, which uses facial recognition technology.

Find a person on his pictures by searching for images of “Yandex” it will be impossible, at least not yet.

The process itself marks a familiar face in the photo is limited to a few possibilities of protection of privacy. Thus, the author of photos posted on the “Yandex.Fotki” may indicate to them to prohibit people and remove the mark with their shots.

24 January 2012

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