Yandex will pay $ 5,000 for the search for vulnerabilities

Administration of the biggest Russian search engine Yandex announced the contest to find the vulnerabilities that can lead to leakage of personal data belonging to users of Yandex resources.

To enter the contest to find sites Yandex corresponding error and report it to the address The contest will be admitted vulnerabilities found in the Russian, Turkmen and Belarusian sites Yandex, as well as and Specially stipulates that the competition does not apply to service Yandex. Information about the found vulnerability should remain confidential for three months from the date of the relevant send an email to the organizers of the contest.

Results of the action plan to bring on 25 November. The participant who finds the most critical vulnerability, will receive 5000 dollars. The criteria by which to determine the criticality of the vulnerability are not reported.

7 December 2011

“Yandex” has offered customers free anti-virus
He died one of the founders of “Yandex”

• Leakage of user data to law enforcement agencies engaged in Internet »»»
Criminal liability for leakage of personal data in the search
• Doctor through the court demanded that the "Yandex" of 1 million rubles for refusing to remove links on the "right to oblivion" »»»
"Sergey Makarov filed a lawsuit against the company" Yandex "In the lawsuit it requires recognize the illegal refusal to remove Internet links with his personal information: surname.
• Hackers posted a net over a million passwords from accounts "Yandex" »»»
On one of the forums on the web has been posted on the password database "Yandex.
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Today, 11 November, Russian users of some models of TVs LG, can connect to the Internet, automatically update the firmware and the menu will add new widgets.
• "Yandex" has defended in court the right not to disclose the user's correspondence FCS request »»»
"Yandex" has been successfully challenged in court the first attempt