“Yandex” has bought the famous developer of mobile interfaces

“Yandex” for $ 38 million bought the company SPB Software, a developer of mobile products and the creator of the famous interface Spb Mobile Shell.

Search Engine “Yandex” said the acquisition SPB Software, a well-known software developer for mobile devices and mobile operators. One of the most prominent developments SPB Software - three-dimensional interface for smartphones and tablet PCs Spb Mobile Shell.
A source close to negotiations between “by Yandex” and SPB Software, told CNews, the acquisition cost of the search engine $ 38 million

Offices of development and design SPB Software located in St. Petersburg, Thailand and Taiwan. In total, these 75 works.

As a result of buying the company will retain its name and continue to work on his own line of products, but the system shell SPB Shell 3D will be integrated with cloud services and technologies, “Yandex”.

In addition, “Yandex” rely on a synergistic effect resulting from the collaboration of mobile developers, “Yandex” and SPB Software.
Thus, the report said search engine, “Yandex” has started to provide vendors an important component of any mobile platform - the interface, which includes access to key services. This will allow him to work more closely with many companies mobile industry.

28 November 2011

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