Yandex provides the results of its content delivery

Now, at the request associated with the issuance of Cocktail Recipes in Yandex you can find the answer to your question. You do not need to go to the site or to learn snippets. It is better to see with my own eyes.

17 October 2011

In TV Samsung embedded search “Yandex”
“Yandeks.Muzyka” integrates with Facebook

• Yandex made an attempt to deal with pornography »»»
Yandex today announced that suppression algorithms have been developed to grant a site for adults.
• Yandex change algorithm extradition. "We decided to abolish the notion of TIC" »»»
Leak of information from a closed forum CEAUX specialists held recently in Prague, has shocked many.
• Yandex updates its title page »»»
Soon home Yandex will look different. A preliminary version, you can see right now on page next.
• Tired of SEO? Earn money for bread and butter for the IPO (Another way to pay for Yandex) »»»
Experts Online Magazine E-commers are a recipe for earnings expectations for the IPO companies.
• Yandex has learned to look for in real time »»»
Yandex is looking for a real-time Internet, 9 July 2010. Yandex has developed and introduced new search technology.