The court decided that Yandex is not required to limit access to sites with compromising

Judge Moscow Arbitration Court dismissed the lawsuit Ramsia Hatypova British offshore investment company EAA Asset Management-Consulting Ltd to Company “Yandex”. As part of the case (A40-57592/2011), the company tried to ban Yandex search for information from the sites and, which provides information on EAA Asset Management.

It’s about two paragraphs:

“In this document, searched the interests of Michael Dvornikova living in the city of Vienna (Austria) with the whole family. Among other things, Dvornikov known fact that at the time established JSC” Horns and hooves. “Owner of the premises on a mother ul.Skladochnaya d.1 Dvornikova - Emma Dvornikova, which acquired the lease rights to the premises occupied for many years, “Sunrise”, Alexei Samoilov (EAA Director Asset Management), which is a confidant of Michael Dvornikova. The owner, established the “Universal Smart Card” Stankolit “- Dvornikova wife - Maria Dvornikova . He himself is the owner of Mr. Dvornikov EAA Immobilien Management Consulting, GmbH, which owns the building in the heart of Vienna and the establishment of three subsidiary companies in Austria.

Rather, Michael Dvornikov lives in Austria, because the investigator GUS Smirnov in his criminal case number 7034 in accordance with Article 159 h 3, Article 30 h 3, and the investigator instructed the CSO Karavayev FSB for Moscow to find Dvornikova and the other defendants. In the case of Plato is also Korobchenko, who is director of the EAA Immobilien ManagementConsulting GmbH (owner Dvornikov Michael), and Kotmar Universal Inc - Virgin Islands (owner Dvornikova Maria). Now it leads the investigator GUS Nelly Dmitriev. Comments on sources of Ministry of Internal Affairs case is nearing completion. ”

The plaintiff has built its strategy on Art. 150-152 of the Civil Code (protection of honor, dignity and business reputation), but for the successful conduct of tactics they do not come: the court, having examined the principle of “Yandex”, found that in response to a user query the system only generates a list of links to resources that host information that contains the query text. “The plaintiff did not prove the defendant contested the fact of distribution of information” - as its conclusions the court.

Card file arbitration cases is replete with similar actions EAA Asset Management to the search engines Google and Yandex. That this decision until the first of them. At the same time, the disputed article on “Rusprese” is available so far, but direct action against the agency “Ruspres” EAA Asset Management did not address.

In addition, EAA Asset Management actively suing prints: CJSC “Publishing House” Novaya Gazeta “, JSC” The newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, JSC “”, OOO “” All of these lawsuits have been filed during the period from May this year, and decisions on them yet not well taken.

28 September 2011

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