“Yandex” was released in Turkey: an office, run search

The company “Yandex” has entered the Turkish Internet market by launching its new on it with a search e[t:tag slug=poisk]search/t:tag] portal yandex.com.tr, post office, translator, news aggregators and other services.

The company “Yandex” has announced the launch of its own portal in Turkey at yandex.com.tr, as well as opening an office in Istanbul.

The site presented yandex.com.tr search service “Yandex”, as well as other services of the Russian company. Like the Russian version, Turkish search engine “Yandex” is able to search not only Web pages but also from the pictures, news, videos, etc.

According to the developers, yandex.com.tr into account the morphology of the Turkish language, corrects typos and users working with synonyms. In addition, the service is able to find poetry in Turkish and quotations show how looks a particular color in response to a request to its name. In addition to searching, online service available to users Turkish e-mail, news aggregator, the interpreter and other services.

“We first launched the” Yandex “in a country where no say in Russian. We looked at markets where well-developed Internet, the number of users is growing rapidly, there is a lot of content in local language. As a result, chose Turkey. We do not simply locate their services in this country, and made a completely new product - especially for Turkish users. And for this product we have developed many new technologies - such as storage technology of the same documents in different languages ​​or technology prioritization documents. They are useful to us in the future, ” - Arkady Volozh, CEO of “Yandex”.

20 September 2011

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