“Yandex” has learned to automatically determine the age and sex of user

Russia’s largest search portal, “Yandex” from now on will determine the sex and age of the user. On the basis of the calculated data, the system will show the visitor targeted advertising. So “Yandex” trying to enter the territory where hitherto the monopoly was in social networks. Actually, the technology of sex determination has been developed by using their own social networks.

The developers have made it a search engine model is based on user behavior on the Internet. For example, in men the average length of a search query (3.2 words) is shorter than in women (3.5 words).

Technology characterization visitors (it was called “The Crypt”) were based on data from 1 million users of social network of business contacts “My Circle”. Believe in “Yandex”, and business communication, people tend to show the real age.

Your floor will be recognized on September 1.

30 August 2011

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