“Uncle Vova right path to people” or what is thought about yesterday’s prime drivers of closures

Yandex Maps on a team of moderators who are not promptly removed all the anger messages, especially on floors. That is, there is overlap, and the disturbances there, peace and quiet, but multiple reports that someone has begun to boil, someone ran out petrol.

But we decided to make podborochku what people wrote yesterday on mobile Yandex-map (MYAK) and posted it uncensored except for appeals to hang on poles and the like. Among komentov occur simply pearls that you can pull apart at the quote. Enjoy ;-)

25 August 2011

Press Service of the campaign, Yandex announced that they have decided to pay in fines to simplify the traffic police.
“Yandex” has learned to automatically determine the age and sex of user

• People's Map Yandex: 1856 Cities for a day (nyushantery, help useful project!) »»»
Yesterday we launched a new mapping service - People’s Yandex map - with which you can draw a map of a familiar terrain to you with your own hands.
• Audience "Yandex" has exceeded the number of viewers of Channel »»»
In April 2012, “Yandex” visited by 19.1 million people a day, and watched Channel 18.
• CEO Ukrainian "Yandex" went on indefinite leave »»»
CEO branch "Yandex" in Ukraine Sergei Petrenko went on indefinite leave.
• Moscow drivers are commemorated in the mirrors Putin's more than hell »»»
Internet portal Openspace.ru selected seven words in a mobile application, "Yandex.
• Yandex investigated mediasferu Runet »»»
Yandex has released a newsletter on the Russian-language Internet media.