Press Service of the campaign, Yandex announced that they have decided to pay in fines to simplify the traffic police.

If before the client was required to fill in all the bank details, but now he can only enter the number of units that issued the fine, address registration, the offender SDA data (name), and the payment amount. Everything. Most of it did not need. All other information will appear automatically. By clicking “Pay it can safely go. These payment will appear in the traffic police within a few days.

Innovation “Yandex. Money” make life easier for motorists. However Skolkodal RF. recalls that recently the Council of Federation approved the bill, according to which the penalty is not paid the receipt in time, will have to pay not less than one thousand rubles. At the moment this figure is double the amount of unpaid time penalty. Also, now for an administrative offense to which the failure to pay fines and, the debtor may take judicial prstavy.

22 August 2011

Why not work Yandex
“Uncle Vova right path to people” or what is thought about yesterday’s prime drivers of closures

• Yandex.Money pay for school, kindergarten and intercom »»»
From today Yandex.Money can really pay any bills and receipts.
• Con artists are asked to pay a fine after Yandex.Money »»»
In St. Petersburg, found a new kind of avtomoshennichestva. Malefactors come to send by mail a receipt to pay the fine for speeding, allegedly recorded the camera GIBDD.
• "Yandex" release debit cards »»»
Payment System “Yandex” has begun to give users free of bank cards MasterCard.
• "Yandex" has defended in court the right not to disclose the user's correspondence FCS request »»»
"Yandex" has been successfully challenged in court the first attempt
• Yandex holds the Olympiad for Linux-based administrators with a large prize fund »»»
Russian Internet company "Yandex" has announced the holding of the fourth in a row Olympiad for system administrators operating system GNU / Linux and free software - Yandex.