Why not work Yandex

Press Service of the largest search engine Yandex has informed that the site yandex.ru and all its services were inaccessible, not because of DDoS-attacks, but because of problems in routing.

19 August 2011

Internet-portal “Yandex” does not work
Press Service of the campaign, Yandex announced that they have decided to pay in fines to simplify the traffic police.

• Internet-portal "Yandex" does not work »»»
Internet-portal “Yandex” does not work for about 25 minutes. The representative of “Yandex” informed “Interfax” that the company is aware of the problem.
• Yandeks.Vebmaster: now userfriendly »»»
In Yandeks.Vebmaster a new section “Messages”. Now the search engine will send the webmaster the following information: - About important changes to the TOS Yandex - Personal.
• "Yandex" presented search engine spam: GT7 accuses search engine in the illegal refusal to index their sites »»»
The plant GT7, manufactures gas and petrochemical equipment is suing Russia’s largest Internet search engine Yandex.
• Social network facebook opened a search for "Yandex" »»»
The company “Yandex” has signed an agreement with a social network facebook - now the data shown in this sotsseti.
• Quintura as one of the best years of alternative search engines »»»
Press-service of a search service Quintura, provider of solutions for site search, analytics and monetization for Web publishers, announced the recognition of Quintura second consecutive year as one of the best years of alternative search engines.