Internet-portal “Yandex” does not work

Internet-portal “Yandex” does not work for about 25 minutes.

The representative of “Yandex” informed “Interfax” that the company is aware of the problem, but the information about the cause of problems so far.

The search engine Rambler also currently experiencing problems at work, and the introduction of search queries disclaimer appears “Unfortunately, we have trouble. We already know about them, but you can still send us an email and let you know. Thank you for your understanding “

19 August 2011

Yandex made it possible to consolidate the authorship of the text
Why not work Yandex

• Yandex: "We are not censored search" »»»
Representatives of the companies responded to criticism of a separate message.
• Rambler replace your search at Google or Yandex »»»
Negotiations with about replacing the search for an alternative to being “by Yandex and Google has since last autumn.
• Why not work Yandex »»»
Press Service of the largest search engine Yandex has informed that the site yandex.
• Doctor through the court demanded that the "Yandex" of 1 million rubles for refusing to remove links on the "right to oblivion" »»»
"Sergey Makarov filed a lawsuit against the company" Yandex "In the lawsuit it requires recognize the illegal refusal to remove Internet links with his personal information: surname.
• "Yandex" has defended in court the right not to disclose the user's correspondence FCS request »»»
"Yandex" has been successfully challenged in court the first attempt