Yandex made it possible to consolidate the authorship of the text

In the HELP Yandex Webmaster appeared to “content owners“:
If you publish on your website text, which had not previously been published on the Internet and other reprints of their online resources, warn of imminent Yandex text. We will know that the original text first appeared it on your site, and try to use it to set up search algorithms.

Download the text you through the form in Yandeks.Vebmastere. Need to load only the original texts that have not yet been published on the Internet. Recommended minimum volume - 2,000 characters, maximum - 32000 marks. You can publish the text on the website immediately after the application.

This option is available from TIC sites at least 10. Please note that registration does not guarantee Yandex your application in the search algorithms.

14 August 2011

Yandex launches Zeppelin to Stitch
Internet-portal “Yandex” does not work

• Yandeks.Antivirus. »»»
Y “Yandex” has a new antivirus technology based on analyzing the behavior of viruses.
• About 40% of news reports in runet not original »»»
Every weekday media publish a network of at least 50 000 news in Russian language (according to “Yandex” for September 2010 - January 2011).
• Publisher, "Penguin Books" filed a lawsuit against "Yandex", demanding to remove from the search results links to illegally posted books »»»
Publisher, “Penguin Books” appealed to the Moscow Arbitration Court with a lawsuit against the company “Yandex” according to “Vedomosti” in its issue of November 24.
• "Yandex" has launched an online text translator »»»
The company “Yandex” has launched a service for translating text and web pages “Yandeks.
• "Yandex" put on the ears all the search business »»»
Internet company "Yandex" has announced a new ranking algorithm of search results.