Find the extreme! Investigative Committee: The leakage of SMS can be as guilty of “Yandex”, and “Megaphone”

The blame for the leak of SMS-messages to the Internet can be based both on employee searcher “Yandex”, and the employees of the operator “MegaFon-Moscow”, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday the official representative of the main investigation department of the Russian Federation in Moscow SK Victoria Tsyplenkova.

Over the past ten days in runet occurred just three major leakage of information through search engines. Eighteenth-July issue of the popular search engines, in particular, “Yandex”, hit lyrics SMS, sent from the site of “MegaFon”, as well as phone numbers of recipients. On this fact the Investigative Committee of Russia on behalf of President Alexander Bastrykin started pre-investigation checks.

27 July 2011

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Yandex launches Zeppelin to Stitch

• Leakage of user data to law enforcement agencies engaged in Internet »»»
Criminal liability for leakage of personal data in the search
• "MegaFon" will pay the victims of the scandal sms-bonus package and a free change of number »»»
One of the largest cellular operator in Russia “MegaFon” will provide subscribers.
• Headhunters recruit a team to develop a new "Yandex". (The state has not allocated money for the establishment of a national search engine, and already have a wish to acquire $ 100 million) »»»
Hedhanterskoe agency Arthur Hunt Group offers employees “Yandex”, and Rambler to change my job, told the three managers are close to those of Internet companies.
• "MegaFon" to blame for "uncovered" SMS to "Yandex" »»»
In “Yandex” continue to insist that the closed pages indexed search engine can not.
• "MegaFon" zahlt den Opfern des Skandals sms-Bonus-Paket und eine kostenlose Änderung der Anzahl »»»
Einer der größten Mobilfunkbetreiber in Russland “MegaFon” Abonnentinnen und Abonnenten.