Leakage of user data to law enforcement agencies engaged in Internet

Criminal liability for leakage of personal data in the search engines subscribers of mobile operators and purchasers of goods in the shops facing the users who contributed to the emergence of such information in open sources. As the “Y”, investigating scandals involving leaks, interested in the investigative committee of Russia, the Interior Ministry and the FSB. Yesterday there was another incident - in the search engines have been buyers of personal data of railway tickets and websites railwayticket.ru tutu.ru.

The fact that the investigative committee of Russia, the Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service are searching for those who just published the personal data, “Kommersant” said a source in law enforcement. “Obviously, this was done on purpose, someone wrote the scripts to get the data out of” Yandex “. For what purpose this was done - it is not clear, but raises some suspicions that it happened on the eve of the signing of the Russian president amendments to the law “Personal Data”, “- says the source” b “. According to him, the question of a criminal investigation is now being discussed, which agency to stir up - it is not clear. While this is a minimum of Art. 138 of the Criminal Code, “Violation of the secrecy of correspondence …”, but consider other articles. According to him, “will be done” as in “by Yandex”, and with the companies that have leaked, but what exactly - did not elaborate.

Under the law “On personal data” as such is recognized as “any information relating to a specific or identified on the basis of such information to an individual”, including the name, first name, date and place of birth, address, education, occupation, income, and so on. Yesterday, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has signed amendments to the law “On personal data”. Document toughens requirements to ensure security of personal data.

In particular, companies and individual entrepreneurs to use the personal data protection, which passed the appropriate certification of the FSC. Keep this information must be all the organizations that handle personal data of its employees, including pre-school. An employee of a kindergarten in the Western District of Moscow, told “Kommersant” that employees of their agencies had to urgently take special courses to prepare for the entry into force of amendments to the law “On personal data”.

27 July 2011

Why is everything
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