50 major Russian celebrities according to Forbes 2011

For the first time the publication Forbes ranking of celebrities in it was replaced by a leader. Tennis player Maria Sharapova, which held the top spot in the list of Russian stars in the past six years, is now the second. Leader became a musician Mihaylov, incidentally, was first caught in the rankings. And the third is resilient Alla Pugacheva. In addition to the number of newcomers Mikhailova rankings include singer Helen Vaenga, ballerina Anastasia, actor Maxim Averin, Yuri Shevchuk, as well as a musician. During the time of rating the total annual income nearly doubled celebrities: $ 208 million in 2011 versus $ 116 million in 2005.

25 July 2011

Where Yandex buys cards?
Why is everything

• Meteorite and divorce Putin became the events of the year Award "Yandex" »»»
Meteorite fall in Chelyabinsk and divorce President Vladimir Putin became the most popular events on the 2013 version of the Internet search engine "Yandex".
• At yandex.com earned search "Yandex" on foreign websites »»»
Today, Yandex will launch the alpha version of the search for foreign sites on the domain yandex.
• Yandex few minutes became more expensive by $ 3 billion. The very first transaction on the shares raised their price by 42% »»»
Shares of Russia’s leading search and entertainment portal “Yandex” more than successful debut today on the NASDAQ in New York.
• Google.ru vs. Yandex: 2,2 billion rubles. and 9.3 billion rubles. »»»
Russian search engines do not intend to give up their positions in the market, and as it turned out - Google earnings up Yandex in Russia quite far.
• Bing is looking for weakness "Yandex" »»»
Stefan Weitz, head of Microsoft Bing Group, in an interview Infox.